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Attention Philadelphia!!!! The Eagles season is over, The Flyers are tearin shit up (which comes as no surprise, my brother touches on it below), spring training is here (which is exciting but honestly we all know were winning the ship … Continue reading

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Flyers Acquire Versteeg

I assume most of you have read my posts, seen how talented I am at writing and assumed that I received all the talent my parents had to give. Well as hard as it may be to believe, my brother … Continue reading

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Envy Us

Aces and catchers ladies and gentleman. Yes thats right, while the other 29 teams in baseball can talk about how their run of the mill ordinary pitchers and catchers are reporting to various spring training facilities in Arizona or Florida, … Continue reading

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5 Moves The Eagles Should Make

The Eagles will already be better next season, Michael Vick is now going to get a full offseason as the starter of the team. Andy and Marty can now spend the next 6 months designing an offensive scheme specifically tailored … Continue reading

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About Losing

I go to school at The Ohio State University, hence a fair amount of my friends are from Cleveland and as we are all aware Cleveland is the heartbreak capital of the world, no one is better at losing than … Continue reading

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