5 Moves The Eagles Should Make

The Eagles will already be better next season, Michael Vick is now going to get a full offseason as the starter of the team. Andy and Marty can now spend the next 6 months designing an offensive scheme specifically tailored to suit Vick and hopefully Jamaal Jackson comes back healthy by training camp (as he’s indicating). Sprinkle in the best offensive line coach in the game and the scariest offense in the league becomes utterly terrifying. Furthermore say what you want about the Eagles moving longtime offensive line coach Juan Castillo to defensive coordinator but the fact is the additions of Howard Mudd, Tim Washburn and Johnnie Lynn make the coaching staff heading into next season considerably better than the one that entered last season. Taking all this into account I have compiled 5 moves that if done will make the Eagles one of the top 5 teams in the league next season.

Allow me to preface the remainder of this post by saying everything mentioned below is subject to the labor/CBA problems and the plan laid out below is assuming a new deal will not impact the offseason (start praying)

Move 1: Sign Nhamdi:

  • Self-explanatory, Asomugha will be 30 in July and is arguably the best cornerback in the league. Watching the trio of Ellis Hobbs, Dimitri Patterson and Julio Hanson get abused on the right side last year was nauseating. The ability to play man on man on the outsides will help every facet of this defense, specifically new Defensive Coordinator Juan Castillo’s emphasis on attacking the quarterback

Move 2: Draft Gabe Carimi (OT Wisconsin):

  • No surprise here, both Mel Kiper jr. and Todd McShay have the eagles selecting Carimi  in the first round. Carimi has been compared to former Eagles tackle Jon Runyan.
  • The one problem scouts seem to have with Carimi is that they doubt he will eventually be able to move to the more difficult left tackle position. However, in the Eagles case this doesn’t matter considering Michael Vick’s blindside is to his right.
  • If Howard Mudd can take an undrafted center who was working at an electrical supply company in Raleigh N.C. (Jeff Saturday) and make him a perennial pro-bowler imagine what he could do with a first round talent in Carimi…

Move 3: Draft a cornerback in round 2:

  • So why do we need a cornerback this early in the draft if we already have Nhamdi and Asante at this point you ask…simply put, look at this years Superbowl winner
  • As we all know, the NFL is continuously becoming more and more quarterback oriented, the Packers won a ring this year throwing the ball 70% of their offensive plays, the majority of which were out of 3 and 4 wide receiver sets.
  • It is no longer good enough to have just 2 good cornerbacks

Move 4: Draft a linebacker who can cover a tight end:

  • How many times as fans have we watched Jason Witten, Kevin Boss and Chris Cooley tear up the Eagles?
  • The answer eludes us, but I hope this is finally the year that Andy decides taking a linebacker before round 7 is a good idea

Move 5: Bring in Albert Haynesworth

  • Relax, don’t just go out and trade for him right now (if you reading Andy…) but 2 years ago Albert was being called the best defensive tackle in the league, talent like that just does not disappear, the fact is that although Haynesworth has shown he can be a fuckin applesauce pussy with all his whining, the Redskins are also at fault. Don’t sign a player for 100 million dollars and after one year decide to move him from his best position…(which reminds me, my dad always told me that being smart leads to getting money…..how’d Dan Snyder get his?)
  • Only sign him on our terms! Meaning do not acquire him with his presently outrageous contract, either re-negotiate or if he gets cut (cross your fingers) sign him to a team friendlier deal….
  • Talk to Jim Washburn, the man is a legendary defensive line coach and has a history with Albert, Haynesworth has even been quoted saying he’d take a pay cut to work with Washburn again. If Jim thinks he can get him close to his 2008-2009 form than take the risk.


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