Envy Us

Aces and catchers ladies and gentleman. Yes thats right, while the other 29 teams in baseball can talk about how their run of the mill ordinary pitchers and catchers are reporting to various spring training facilities in Arizona or Florida, the Phillies have four pitchers strolling in, all arguable number one starters on other teams in the majors. Fuck the Giants four, I’d bet a baby pledge that every GM in the majors would take our rotation over theirs. As we all know the Phillies are good, with the potential to be historically good this season. Now as 2009 and 2010 showed us, playing deep into the playoffs doesn’t cut it anymore, both Brad Lidge and Shane Victorino have acknowledge that this year it’s World Series or bust, and they are absolutely right, nothing will satisfy this city besides another parade down Broad and another timeless victory quote by Chase Utley. I expect big bounce back years from now healthy Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, and Ryan Howard. Domonic Brown and Ben Francisco will be a successful platoon in right for the beginning of the year. However as the season goes on I expect Brown to become a more regular everyday player, (don’t be surprised if the outfield consists of Brown, Victorino and Francisco by the end of the season).


Win 100 games and the World Series

P.S. Favorite stat ever: 404 – 48, that is the combined strikeout to walk ratio of Roy Hallady and Cliff Lee. (suck it)

See you on Broad Street in November


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