Thoughts on Pujols

If you follow baseball (and since this blog is directed at people in Philadelphia you should be following baseball) then you’re most likely aware that the greatest hitter on the planet just took a major step towards becoming a free agent. By now you have all heard some of the crazy stats associated with Pujols’ career to this point, to keep it short the numbers are gaudy and if he continues to perform at a similar level (nothing indicates that he won’t) he could very well be considered the greatest hitter of all time when he’s all said and done.

Now this is pure speculation but if the Cardinals feel that they will not be able to retain Pujols and would consider trading him in order to receive some compensation for their franchise cornerstone (#Carmelo) few teams would be able to put together a package like the Phillies.

Look I love Ryan Howard, I have his jersey its nothing personal but if Cardinals General Manager John Mozeliak were to call Reuben Amaro Jr. and say how would you feel about Pujols for Howard and Blanton, it should take all of half a second for Amaro to say yes (and then proceed to cum in his pants).

The trade makes sense in many ways, Howard is from St. Louis and is an elite hitter, the Cardinals would remain competitive in the NL Central and could sell a middle order of Matt Holliday and Ryan Howard to their fan base. Furthermore while some have criticized Howard’s contract it doesn’t even kick in until next year so the Cardinals will receive the long-term security they seek at first base for a price they can afford. Blanton gets thrown in because The Cardinals need pitching to replace the loss of Adam Wainwright.

Obviously Pujols would need to agree to the trade and a contract extension before the deal but as this summer showed us the team has got the money and adding Pujols will ensure continued sellouts for the next 3 seasons at least. The Phillies made a statement when they went out and signed Cliff Lee that they are about not only winning a championship now but winning MULTIPLE championships right now. By adding Pujols to Citizen’s Bank Park you only increase Pujols’ production, while also making the Phillies lefty heavy line up more balanced.

Now if you’ll excuse me, now that I have been imagining a line-up of Rollins, Polanco, Utley, Pujols, Brown, Victorino, Chooch, (insert ace starter here) I need to go change my pants…

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