Do the Eagles have a head coach in waiting?…..

As I was sitting here reading this article by the National Football Post ( I came across this quote from Marty Mornhinweg, when asked about his interest in returning to head coaching…

“Oh sure, I think one of these days that will happen,” Mornhinweg said. “Look, I’m really happy. I think I’ve got one of the best jobs in the NFL with the Eagles organization. With the head coach we have in Andy Reid with the players that we have and the personnel department and the training staff, I could do this the rest of my life. I think there might be a chance coming up one of these days actually.”

The bold is my addition but is there for a reason. Look, we all know Marty interviewed with the Raiders (hired Dennis Allen) and every NFL writer/analyst in the country mentioned the Mike Holmgren, Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg connection 5 times each between the last two offseasons. In fact I don’t recall Marty getting interviewed by the Browns despite the rumors he was a strong potential candidate. As for the interview with the Raiders, despite a few twitter rumors calling him a front runner, most NFL insiders had no clue who the Raiders would hire (and I mean could you blame them, were talking about the Raiders here. And yeah Al Davis is dead now, but did you see him when he was alive the past few years? Would it really shock you after seeing Al decompose in front of you for a few years if he shows up at training camp in August, and tells reporters that this was just the season he finally admitted he was already dead so he wouldn’t catch all the flak for the Carson Palmer trade (which reeks of Al Davis…as if he wasn’t actually dead…hmmm)*.

The second thing that should be mentioned is how it should be noted is how many reporters are calling next season a make or break year for Andy, for a multitude of reasons, with most thinking he will be fired if the Eagles do not win at least a playoff game and extended if he makes a playoff run (which I expect) or (gasp) wins the Super Bowl (I know sounds crazy, but the Giants, a team the Eagles beat at home with Vince Young at QB are in the dance, so anything is possible, even Andy winning one). After 13 years, it’s logical (and easy) to reach this conclusion, however all me to serve you some food for thought.

if the Eagles, and Reid have a successful season in 2012 (as Jeffrey Lurie and I expect them to) whether he wins the Super Bowl or not Reid may choose to step down, if that is the case, I expect the following scenario to unfold*:

*(for all of my readers who just got hard at the thought of Andy stepping down, sorry for giving you blue balls).

1. Reid will want to become the President of Football Operations for an organization, (think Mike Holmgren in Cleveland and/or Jon Elway in Denver)

2. Jeffrey Lurie will offer that position to Reid since he currently already has the final say on all personnel and football matters in addition to coaching the team.

3. Reid will accept the position and his first order of business will be promoting Marty for OC to Head Coach.

This isn’t by any means a concrete scenario obviously anything could happen, but the more I think about how Lurie has done business, the more likely this seems.

Start preparing yourself now Philly fans. Because DO NOT be shocked if the next Eagles head coach is already on the staff.

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