Third best team in the Eastern Conference!!!!! I know, nothing to get crazy about but as of right now the Philadelphia 76ers are the 3rd best team in the Eastern Conference, this is no longer opinion. By beating the Magic last night the Sixers, at least currently have established themselves as a team to be taken seriously by the Heat and the Bulls.

I know you’re going to jump all over me and say that a win over an unraveling Magic team right now is less than impressive, but the win was truly impressive. The Sixers shot a horrendus 33% from the floor and around 50% from the line and still won easily, the only reason the game was even close was because the magic made a run after the game was effectively over, including a spread killing J.J. Reddick 3 with 0.8 seconds left. The reason I am excited over this is because, the true marks of a contending team are:

1. Beating the teams your supposed to beat, preferably by blowing them out (which the Sixers have done better than anyone this year)

2. Beating good teams (jury still out)

3. Beating quality teams on a night when your team plays horrible (the magic game last night!)

There are a few more marks of a contender obviously, but the Sixers demonstrated one last night that they had not yet previously, GET EXCITED PEOPLE!!!!

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